Zoning Law

Aruba doesn’t have a tradition in land zoning laws. This is perhaps because, the majority of land properties (90%) is government owned and controlled, and thus the immediate need was not there to create zoning laws. The government was, perhaps, trying to go by with general policies and regulations on land use (see master plans above), in addition of the current building codes and government’s permits. However, the increasing demand for land use resulting from the (1) economic growth, fueled by tourism, (2) the population growth, and (3) the disorderly use of both private properties and long-lease properties, has fueled the need for a rational planning, and efficient and purposeful use of these scarce land properties. Consequently, the government initiated the Zoning Law with the first objective to comprehensively control both the zoning of available land and the related procedures that is necessitated in the use of these lands.

The zoning law will cover both the private properties as the properties given out by the Government. The government has sent this law for approval to the parliament. The zoning law is expected to trade into effect early 2004.