About Us

CAS BON is established in Aruba since 1996. Sabana Country Development NV, CAS BON Construction NV, Surfside Villas Development NV, Malmok Property Development N.V. and partners and alliances together form CAS BON.

The main goal of CAS BON is to build quality homes for all budgets. This goal has taken us on a journey with results that we are very proud of a very satisfied client base and a solid reputation in the industry.

Throughout the years we have built 38 affordable homes for the FCCA, developed 11 private residential projects, consisting of more than 520 homes, and built 125 custom made individual homes. In the process, we also undertook the construction of the roads and other infrastructure in the residential projects, and did the fence-work for more then 250 homes for the FCCA.

The range of the projects we undertook resulted in the construction of more then 640 homes and laid a solid and experienced organizational foundation for future growth. Our organization, today, is flexible and keen in adapting to the constantly changing market place. Our biggest asset is our close relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees, banks and the local community in general.

Our professional staff guides the customer through all the facets of the project. Our staff helps customers with the choice of a model home and land-lot, gives financial advice in obtaining mortgage, assists through the construction phases all the way through the delivery of the key to the new home. From model selection up until the delivery of the project, our staff takes care of each customer every step of the way. In addition, our qualified engineers control each house daily during the construction phase, assuring quality in each phase of construction and an on-time delivery of the customer’s house.

Through our close partnership with our suppliers, we were able to cut and maintain costs, which we passed on to our customers. Despite constantly increasing labor and material costs in Aruba, we were able to maintain a competitive construction price per square meter. In addition, through our flexible company structure, we were able to maintain fixed operation costs at a manageable level, resulting in savings reflected in the construction price per square meter.

Today CAS BON is considered a solid construction company who enjoys of both a satisfied and growing customer base as well as a high reputation among financial institutions.

In 2010, CAS BON will construct more than 60 quality new homes all around Aruba, consolidating our position as the largest construction company of private homes in Aruba.


Cas Bon offers a range of services with the goal to help you build your own home. Our professional staff will gladly assist you in the following:

  • Construction of your home;
  • Buying and selling real estate (residential, commercial and land);
  • All technical and architectural drawings;
  • All government (or related agencies) permits and requirements, including building permit;
  • Mortgage and financial consultancy;
  • Realty legal issues;
  • Appraisals;
  • Project Development;
  • Expert construction supervision;

For more models and floor-plans, please contact us or visit our office. Should you wish for us to assist you in developing your own floor-plans, or should you need a quotation for your existing plans, our qualified staff will be happy to assist you.